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- to the tune of  'Just A Gigolo' by Louis Prima I'm just a piccolo and everywhere I go People know the part, I'm playin' Stars and Stripes for me, in the wrong dang key eew, what they're sayin' When I come and play, out-a-tune rehearsal day What are they planning for me? When the end comes They'll know I was just a piccolo The band goes on without me...

Jackson Lake Lodge 7/1/2017

I  set up video feed 30 minutes before the concert started. Forward to ….

32:20 Star Spangled Banner – Francis Scott Key, arr. John Stafford Smith

34:40 The Invincible Eagle – John Philip Sousa, arr. Marc Oliver

39:00 Come Sunday – Edward Kennedy (Duke) Ellington, arr. Paul Murtha

45:37 Semper Fidelis – John Philip Sousa, arr. Keith Brion and Loras John Schissel

49:42 Overture to Candide – Leonard Bernstein, arr. Clare Grundman

56:45 Americans We – Henry Fillmore

1:02:00 Armed Forces Salute – arr. Robert W Lowden

1:08:23 Grand Serenade for an Awful Lot of Winds and Percussion – P.D.Q. Bach

I. Grand Entrance
II. Simply Grand Minuet
IV. Rondo Mucho Grando

1:20:13 America, the Beautiful – Samuel A Ward, arr. Carmen Dragon

1:20:53 Stars and Stripes Forever – John Philip Sousa, arr. Keith Brion and Loras John Schissel