A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Library Issue List

Known Bugs, Planned changes, & Feature requests:

ID #StatusSite
103AssignedField AdditionChange supplier tab to manage lists
Lists: Suppliers Publishers Venues (link to gigpress) Timelines (link to gigpress)
100AssignedField ChangeAdd auto save in performance order
In the concert detail add auto save when switching from order to add notes.
91AssignedFeature RequestOther Groups
Add dropdown for other groups
88AssignedFeature Requestsort by performance count
In the chart list
81AssignedField ChangeEquipment Photo Type Mouthpiece
Need a photo type for mouthpieces.
80AssignedFeature Requestmake PDF equipment agreement form from DB Data
Populate Form: http://blog.ryankempt.com/2013/05/fill-in-pdf-form-with-php.html Signature: http://www.pcworld.com/article/253526/sign_and_send_documents_from_your_smartphone_or_pc.html
79AssignedBugReturn Button after entering new equipment
It returns to the form instead of the search results
21AcknowledgedField ChangeArranger type on chart
Trns, arr, edt, etc
9AcknowledgedFeature RequestConductor Score Check out
Need a place to document when a conductor takes home a score. Would only need to be for pieces not in the current folder. Make current folder assume conductor has the score.
95AssignedFeature RequestAdd Chart Checkout
need sooner than later
94AssignedFeature RequestConcert Wrap Up
Add section to the concert detail where we can add notes after the concert if needed. Test here: JH Community School Graduation Ceremony 2007
92AssignedFeature RequestColab Concerts
Add a place for othr groups in colab concerts
99AssignedFeature Changedelete button by uploaded file
and put delete button by uploaded file while hiding the general deletes.
77AssignedFeature Changemake instrumentation dropdown jQuery
in instrumentation management section
76AssignedFeature ChangeInstrumentation Sort
Subdivide by section, tweak how it is ordered.
75AssignedBugInstrumentatioin Hide Option
When Hiding an instrument a blank entry is also added to DB
74AssignedFeature ChangeReconfigure Publishers
Need edit area
73AssignedFeature ChangeReconfigure Suppliers
Need an edit area
70AssignedFeature RequestExport/Import Instrumentation list
Export instrumentation list from once chart for import to other charts.
97AssignedContentAdd new chart from folder time
Time does not cross over
93AssignedBugBroken Dropdwon in Concert Details
Setting, where I move to another folder.

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