A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.



Concert Logistics:

  • 8:00 Meet @ CFA
    8:30 Warm up
    9:00 – 9:45 Performance
  • Dress:
    It is typically cold for this event, we recommend warm under layers.

    • Jeans
    • Band Shirts
    • Cowboy hats
  • Equipment:
    To be brought over by vehicles

    • Folding Chairs
    • Wire stands
    • Clips
    • Music
    • Hats
    • Percussion
  • Need to have stage cleared by 10:00

Historical Information (choose year from menu):

Conductor: Jennifer Levanduski
Date: 05/16/15
Time: 9:00am
http://jhcband.org/inscoreorder/concert_list.php Jackson Town Square
ElkFest in Jackson, WY


View details Williams
Jurassic Park, Medley
arr. Bocook
View details Joplin/Hayden
Sunflower Slow Drag
arr. Bourgeois
View details Seitz
March Grandioso
arr. Reed
View details Ferguson
Maynard Madness
arr. Lopez
View details Handy
St. Louis Blues
arr. Nowak
View details Duble
arr. Edmondson
View details Fucik
Florentiner March
arr. Lake/Fennell
Total Concert: 00:27:50

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