A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Spring Concert

Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: 04/28/18
http://jhcband.org/inscoreorder/concert_list.php Center for the Arts Center Theater
Spring Concert in Jackson, WY
(307) 734-8956

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  • No later than January
    • Set date
    • Book event venue
      • If appropriate for venue assign person to be in charge of snacks.
      • If using Center for the Arts Theater ask about the “Partnerships” application for theater subsidy.
  • After Special Olympics
    • Start Rehearsing for Spring Concert
      • 2 weeks prior to 1st rehearsal have concert music planned, music ordered or pulled
      • 1 week prior to 1st rehearsal have folders stuffed
  • 3 Weeks prior to concert
    • Contact Media
    • Send Newsletters
  • 2 rehearsals Prior
    • Determine meeting and warm up times
    • Create flyers fro schools
    • Create Posters for band members to post around town
    • Draft Program
      • Need concert order
      • Need musician list
        1 Week Prior
  • Send flyers to schools
    • Check Deadlines per each school
  • Finalize Program
  • Dress Rehearsal

Concert Logistics:

  • Meet: Time and Place TBD 2 weeks prior to concert
    Warm up: Time TBD 2 weeks prior to concert
    Downbeat: TBD when venue booked
  • Dress:
    • Formal Black & White
  • Equipment:
    • Depending on venue –
      • Black Stands
      • Chairs
    • Music
    • Percussion

Historical Information (choose year from menu):

Around the World in 80 minutes
Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: 05/06/17
Time: 7:00pm
http://jhcband.org/inscoreorder/concert_list.php Center for the Arts Center Theater
Spring Concert in Jackson, WY
(307) 734-8956


View details Copland
Variations on a Shaker Melody
from "Appalachian Spring"
North Carolina, USA
View details Reed
La Fiesta Mexicana
View details La Plante
Caribbean Rondo
View details Beck
View details Bizet
Carmen Suite
arr. Bullock
View details Grainger
Ye Banks & Braes O'Bonnie Doon
View details Strauss
Radetzky March
arr. Reed
View details Reed
Slavonic Folk Suite
View details Jarre
Lawrence of Arabia, Theme from
arr. Reed
Saudi Arabia On loan from Chatfield Brass Band Inc. https://chatfieldband.lib.mn.us/
View details Del Borgo
Scenes of Russia
Based Upon Meadowlands
View details Chance
Variations on a Korean Folk Song
South Korea
View details
arr. Story The Way of the Warrior
View details Williams
Cowboys, The
arr. Bocook Overture
Wyoming, USA
Total Concert: 01:18:45

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Assigned Tasks:

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Any Band Member:

  • Organize snacks for venue
  • Blog about the event




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