A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Halloween! Concert

Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: Saturday, October 26th 2019
Time: 3:00pm
https://jhcband.org/inscoreorder/concert_list.php TBA
Halloween Concert in Jackson, WY


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IMPORTANT: This concert is to have no more than 45 minutes of music (excluding Adams Family)

  • September
    • Set Date
      • Early afternoon on a Saturday seems to work best
    • Book Walk Festival Hall
      • When Booking Walk Festival Hall we also need to book the percussion.
  • First Rehearsal after Old Bill’s
    (Old Bills is the 2nd Saturday in September)

    • Start rehearsing music for this concert
      • 2 weeks prior have concert music planned, music orders or pulled
      • 1 week prior have folders stuffed
  • October 1st
    • Contact TVA about Trick-or-Treat businesses participation
  • 3 Weeks prior
    • Contact Media
    • Send Newsletters
    • Assign person to be in charge of the Parade of Costumes and the Adams Family sing along
  • 2 rehearsals Prior
    • Determine meeting and warm up times
    • Find several non musician volunteers to usher parade,  lead sing-along, and pass out candy.
    • Create flyers fro schools
    • Create Posters for band members to post around town
    • Draft Program
      • Need concert order
      • Need musician list
      • Need Trick or Treat participating businesses list
  • 1 Week Prior
    • Send flyers to schools
      • Check Deadlines per each school
    • Finalize Program
    • Assign X amount of members to bring candy for about 300 kids.
  • A few days prior order balloons.
  • Dress Rehearsal
    • Define Parade of Costumes route

Concert Logistics:

  • Meet: Time and Place TBD 2 weeks prior to concert
  • Warm up: Time TBD 2 weeks prior to concert
  • Downbeat: TBD time of Booking venue
  • After Concert
    • Turn in Folder, new one to be passed out next rehearsal
    • Everyone please help tear down.
  • Dress:
    • Family appropriate Halloween costume
  • Equipment:
    • Music
    • Percussion
  • Trick Or Treat
    • Need 2 balloons for each business delivered. Allow about an hour for 2 people to deliver them.
    • Have a few members bring Candy, enough for about 300 kids.
    • Trick or Treat Map on line and on program
    • Candy to be passed out to children AFTER concert

Historical Information:

Conductor: Zachary Singer
Guest Conductor: The Handyman
Date: Saturday, October 27th 2018
Time: 3:00pm
https://jhcband.org/lions-elephants-swans/ Walk Festival Hall
Halloween Concert in Teton Village, WY


View details O'Brien
Time Warp
arr. Wallace from The Rocky Horror Picture Show
View details Bach/Chopin/Gounod/Mussorgsky
House of Horrors
arr. Wallace A Melody of Spooky Music
View details Saint-Saëns
Danse Macabre
arr. Osterling
View details Sheldon
Monster Under the Bed
View details Schwartz
arr. Bocook (Selections from)
View details Elfman
Dark Shadows
arr. Lopez
View details Saint-Saëns
Carnival of the Animals, Concert Suite from
arr. Brand Grand Zoological Fantasy
View details Holst
Mars, the Bringer of War
arr. McAlister/Reed from The Planets
Children are invited on stage for a costume parade.
View details Mizzy
Addams Family Theme, The
arr. Marshall
Sing Along with Mimi Smith
Total Concert: 00:48:29

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