A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Wyoming Special Olympics


Members please go to the virtual folder in the Music Library for concert logistics.


  • Late December
    • Check on line to see if schedule is posted:
    • Add virtual folder to Music Library (usually combined with the Spring Concert folder)
    • New music should be ordered and in house 1 week before stuffing folders.
  • 1 Week prior to first rehearsal
    • Stuff Folders
  • Early January
    • Start rehearsing for event first rehearsal of year
    • Contact  WSO about the event
      • Verify they are expecting us
      • Verify Venue

Assigned Tasks:

Zachary Singer conductor@jhcband.org

  • If unable to conduct assign a conductor for the event
  • Select Music using Music Library Program
    • Complete and send list to librarian 2 weeks prior to first rehearsal
    • Order new music to arrive at least one week prior to stuffing folders.

Jason Wright president@jhcband.org

  • N/A

Vice President:

  • Add event to calendars etc.
    • Gigpress
    • Google Calendar
    • Yahoo Calendar
      • Schedule Reminder:
        • a day before the concert
      • Include link to Event Logistics

Dean Scofield treasurer@jhcband.org

  • N/A

Bonnie Chambers office@jhcband.org

  • N/A

Office Manager:

  • N/A

Shared by President and Vice President

  • n/a

Equipment Manager:

  • Speak with conductor to make sure equipment needs are covered
  • Make sure all equipment makes it back to the library


  • Coordinate with conductor and pull music from library
  • Stuff folders 1 week prior to first rehearsal
  • Collect all music folders and folios and bring to event.
  • Be sure all music is returned to rehearsal room.

Any Band Member:

  • Blog about the event

Historical Information:

Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: Tuesday, February 5th 2019
Time: 6:00pm
https://jhcband.org/inscoreorder/concert_list.php Jackson Hole High School
Wyoming Special Olymipcs in Jackson, WY


View details
Guardians of the Galaxy
arr. Brown (Soundtrack Highlights)
View details
arr. Jennings
View details Williams
Jurassic Park, Music From
arr. Bocook
View details Beck
arr. Brown Theme from
View details Badelt
Pirates of the Caribbean Symphonic Suite
arr. Wasson The Curse of the Black Pearl
View details Silvestri
Back To The Future
arr. Bernaerts
View details Williams
Summon the Heroes
arr. Higgins
View details Arnaud
Olympic Fanfare
arr. Hermann from Bugler's Dream
Total Concert: 00:39:04

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