A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Spring Concert

Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: Sunday, May 5th 2019
https://jhcband.org/inscoreorder/concert_list.php Center for the Arts Center Theater
Spring Concert in Jackson, WY
(307) 734-8956


Time TBA

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Members please go to the virtual folder in the Music Library for concert logistics.

  • Equipment:
    • Depending on venue –
      • Black Stands
      • Chairs
    • Music
    • Percussion


  • Late December
    • Add virtual folder to Music Library (usually combined with the Special Olympics folder)
    • New music should be ordered and in house 1 week before stuffing folders.
  • 1 Week prior to first rehearsal from folder (usually SO rehearsal)
    • Stuff Folders
  • No later than January
    • Set date
      • Add date to GigPress
    • Book event venue
      • If appropriate for venue assign person to be in charge of snacks.
      • If using Center for the Arts Theater ask about the “Partnerships” application for theater subsidy.
  • After Special Olympics
    • Start Rehearsing for Spring Concert
  • 3 Weeks prior to concert
    • Contact Media
    • Send Newsletters
    • Add to Community Calendars
    • Create flyers for schools
    • Create Posters for band members to post around town
  • 2 rehearsals Prior
    • Determine meeting and warm up times
    • Draft Program
      • Need concert order
      • Need musician list
    • Send flyers to schools
      • Check Deadlines per each school
  • Finalize Program Last rehearsal before concert
  • Send program to printer next morning

Assigned Tasks:

Zachary Singer conductor@jhcband.org

  • Plan Repertoire
  • Coordinate with Librarian music availability
  • Order new music
    • Needs to arrive at least one week prior to putting in folders
    • Must be within yearly budget
  • Send list of music to librarian at least 2 weeks prior to first rehearsal

Jason Wright president@jhcband.org

  • Book Venue
  • Contact Newspapers for Story

Vice President:

  • Add event to calendars etc.
    • Gigpress
    • Google Calendar
    • Yahoo Calendar
      • Schedule Reminder:
        • a day before the rehearsal before the concert
        • a day before the concert
      • Include:
        • Time & place to meet
        • Downbeat time
        • Logistics
        • Repertoire
    • Create Facebook Event
  • Schedule or Send Newsletters
    • Fan Newsletters
    • Non Profit List serve
      (these can be done with or without a related blog)

Dean Scofield treasurer@jhcband.org

  • (need info)


  • (need info)

Office Manager:
Bonnie Chambers office@jhcband.org

  • (need info)


Shared by President and Vice President
  • (president) Contact Newspapers
  • Send info to JH Radio Community Calendar 3 week prior
  • (VP to post fan letters and to the NP List serve)

Equipment Manager:

  • Organize/Delegate Equipment Logistics


  • Music Folders
    • Coordinate with conductor to get Music Selection
    • Coordinate instrumentation with conductor
    • Stuffing Folders to be completed by the rehearsal from folder (Usually SO)
  • FlyersFlyers
    • Make 3 weeks before Concert
    • Print at CopyWorks
      • Full page – Bring flyers last 2 rehearsals before concert
      • Half page (tall) for Elementary schools
    • Elementary Schools (Call for Counts)
      • JES
        • Spanish/English
      • Colter
        • Spanish/English
      • Wilson – Can email PDF, deadline Fridays for Monday Distribution
      • Kelly – Can email PDF
      • Moran – Can email PDF
      • Journey School
    • Middle and High Schools *NEW
      • JH Middle School – Email PDF
      • JH High School – Email PDF
      • Summit High School– Email PDF
      • JH Community School – Email PDF
    • Distribute PDF to band mail list
  • Program
    • Musician List
    • Draft approval
    • Concert Order
    • Send to Printer

Any Band Member:

  • Organize snacks for venue
  • Blog about the event

Historical Information (choose year from menu):

A Wrinkle in 3/4 Time
Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: Saturday, April 21st 2018
Time: 7:00pm
https://jhcband.org/springconcert2018/ Center for the Arts Center Theater
Spring Concert in Jackson, WY
(307) 734-8956


View details Strauss
Thus Sprach Zarathustra, Themes from
arr. Thomas
View details Colgrass
Old Churches
Medieval 500-1400
View details Vaughn Williams
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
arr. Bocook
Renaissance 1400-1600
View details Bach
Sleepers Awake!
arr. Reed Wachet Auf!
Baroque 1600-1750
View details Mozart
Magic Flute, The
arr. Taylor Three Melodies From
Classical 1730-1820
View details Beethoven
arr. Cowherd Themes from Symphony No. 9
Romantic 1780-1910
View details Strauss
Emperor Waltz
arr. Bullock
Romantic Waltz Late 19th Century
View details Sousa
Black Horse Troop, The
arr. Fennell
Golden Era Wind Band Marches 1889-1935
View details Debussy
Girl with the Flaxen Hair, The
arr. Sparke
Impressionist 1890-1925
View details Grainger
Colonial Song
arr. Topolewski No. 1 of "Sentimentals"
Early 20th Century Wind Band
View details Armstrong
arr. Ricketts A tribute to Louis Armstrong
Jazz 1917-Present
View details Hindemith
March from "Symphonic Metamorphosis"
arr. Wilson of Themes by Carl Maria von Weber
Neoclassical Early 20th Century
View details Lennon
arr. Norred
Rock n' Roll 1940's-Present
View details Dietz
Shards of Glass
Minimalism 1960's-Present
View details Mackey
21st Century Wind Band 2001-Present
Total Concert: 01:19:53

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