A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Spring Concert


Members please go to the virtual folder in the Music Library for concert logistics.

  • Equipment:
    • Depending on venue –
      • Black Stands
      • Chairs
    • Music
    • Percussion


  • Late December
    • Add virtual folder to Music Library (usually combined with the Special Olympics folder)
    • New music should be ordered and in house 1 week before stuffing folders.
  • 1 Week prior to first rehearsal from folder (usually SO rehearsal)
    • Stuff Folders
  • No later than January
    • Set date
      • Add date to GigPress
    • Book event venue
      • If appropriate for venue assign person to be in charge of snacks.
      • If using Center for the Arts Theater ask about the “Partnerships” application for theater subsidy.
  • After Special Olympics
    • Start Rehearsing for Spring Concert
  • 3 Weeks prior to concert
    • Contact Media
    • Send Newsletters
    • Add to Community Calendars
    • Create flyers for schools
    • Create Posters for band members to post around town
  • 2 rehearsals Prior
    • Determine meeting and warm up times
    • Draft Program
      • Need concert order
      • Need musician list
    • Send flyers to schools
      • Check Deadlines per each school
  • Finalize Program Last rehearsal before concert
  • Send program to printer next morning

Assigned Tasks:

Zachary Singer conductor@jhcband.org

  • Plan Repertoire
  • Coordinate with Librarian music availability
  • Order new music
    • Needs to arrive at least one week prior to putting in folders
    • Must be within yearly budget
  • Send list of music to librarian at least 2 weeks prior to first rehearsal

Jason Wright president@jhcband.org

  • Book Venue
  • Contact Newspapers for Story

Vice President:

  • Add event to calendars etc.
    • Gigpress
    • Google Calendar
    • Yahoo Calendar
      • Schedule Reminder:
        • a day before the rehearsal before the concert
        • a day before the concert
      • Include:
        • Time & place to meet
        • Downbeat time
        • Logistics
        • Repertoire
    • Create Facebook Event
  • Schedule or Send Newsletters
    • Fan Newsletters
    • Non Profit List serve
      (these can be done with or without a related blog)

Dean Scofield treasurer@jhcband.org

  • (need info)

Bonnie Chambers office@jhcband.org

  • (need info)

Office Manager:

  • (need info)


Shared by President and Vice President
  • (president) Contact Newspapers
  • Send info to JH Radio Community Calendar 3 week prior
  • (VP to post fan letters and to the NP List serve)

Equipment Manager:

  • Organize/Delegate Equipment Logistics


  • Music Folders
    • Coordinate with conductor to get Music Selection
    • Coordinate instrumentation with conductor
    • Stuffing Folders to be completed by the rehearsal from folder (Usually SO)
  • FlyersFlyers
    • Make 3 weeks before Concert
    • Print at CopyWorks
      • Full page – Bring flyers last 2 rehearsals before concert
      • Half page (tall) for Elementary schools
    • Elementary Schools (Call for Counts)
      • JES
        • Spanish/English
      • Colter
        • Spanish/English
      • Wilson – Can email PDF, deadline Fridays for Monday Distribution
      • Kelly – Can email PDF
      • Moran – Can email PDF
      • Journey School
    • Middle and High Schools *NEW
      • JH Middle School – Email PDF
      • JH High School – Email PDF
      • Summit High School– Email PDF
      • JH Community School – Email PDF
    • Distribute PDF to band mail list
  • Program
    • Musician List
    • Draft approval
    • Concert Order
    • Send to Printer

Any Band Member:

  • Organize snacks for venue
  • Blog about the event

Historical Information (choose year from menu):

Spring Concert Cancelled
Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: Saturday, May 2nd 2020
https://jhcband.org/inscoreorder/concert_list.php Center for the Arts Center Theater
Spring Concert in Jackson, WY
(307) 734-8956


Canceled due to COVID restrictions

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