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BS in Music from Bradley University, 1991.

Our children are so busy.  I know. I am the mother of 2 busy kids.  In our community, in Jackson, WY, they seem to have so many great opportunities; karate, swimming, running, biking, skiing, hockey, baseball, cross country, art, music, theater, dance, and the list goes on-and-on.  How can these kids find the time to do it all, and still be kids?  And how as parents to we help our kids make good choices and pick activities that are fun, engaging, and also help them with a life-long activity they will love?

For me, music has been a constant in my life from the time I was in 3rd grade, carrying that heavy cello up and down my street to orchestra practice.  This was back in the 70s, and 2 emergency hernia surgeries later, I picked up the lighter weight – could fit in my backpack – flute and never looked back.  And what a gift it has been to me!

From playing with the Jackson Hole Community Band, I have had the amazing opportunity to become friends with people from all walks of life, all different ages, all different values and beliefs and socio-economic backgrounds.  Through band, I have been lucky to have the most supportive people around me.  I remember when my son was born and was life-flighted to Salt Lake City in 2005 with a double pneumothorax.  My band friends were there to provide support and help during such a difficult time.

Several years ago, we lost a dear band member and fellow flautist, Norma Foster Price to lung cancer.  Moments with the ‘band ladies’, 4 of us that weekly went to her house as she fought valiantly and eventually lost her fight to cancer, where we laughed and commiserated about music and the latest goofiness of rehearsal, was a bright light during dark days.

I suggest that we all try to bring the gift of music to the next generation. If you are thinking about what activity to choose next for your busy child, or they need a new outlet for their creative energy, get them playing an instrument.  And, when they are ready, encourage them to join the band and come to rehearsals at the Center for the Arts Thursday nights 7-9PM. We are fun, goofy, crazy, old, young, but most importantly supportive, and loving.  Let’s bring our kids together for the opportunity of life-long learning through music.  I, Holly Balogh, and my kids will see you and yours there!

Year in Review, From the President’s Corner

Our 2010-2011 music year has been filled with excitement and change starting with the hiring of our current artistic director and conductor, Mr. Arturo Fuerte.  Art has brought to the band a new level of enthusiasm, musical direction and instruction which has had a tremendous impact on the band’s sound.  We are now playing music repertoire which is much more difficult, and appropriately programmed than ever before.  The band has enjoyed working with him and this is evidenced in the increase in our regular membership from a waning 20ish members in 2009-2010 to a regular group of 40!  It has been a lot of fun to work with the talented group of musicians from high school kids to retirees!

Mr. Art Fuerte: Halloween 2010!
Mr. Art Fuerte: Halloween 2010!

The year has also been punctuated by an amazing set of concerts begun last year with the inaugural Halloween Concert for the Kids.  With over 350 people in attendance, the children had a great time in their costume parade on stage while the bad performed Dance of the Macabre.  The holidays brought another wonderful show and a unique collaboration with the Cathedral Voices.

The spring brought new timing to our spring concert, this time in March followed by a recording of our very first CD, OPUS 1.  Be sure to get your copy from a band member for a small donation.

Finally, summer brought our annual concerts at Jackson Lake Lodge and Music in The Hole and in a grand finale, the band played a joint concert with the Wyoming Army National Guard band at the Center for the Arts with special guest soloist, Jay Evans from the Grand Teton Music Festival!  All these shows along with our regular gigs, parades, special Olympics, lighting of the town square, etc. has kept us very busy!

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