A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Program Worksheet


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Julie Wilson

Conductor: conductor@jhcband.org

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Zachary Singer Musician, Conductor, Teacher Percussion 2015

Flutes – flutes@jhcband.org
Section Leader O'Ann Fredstrom

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Holly Balogh Consultant, Realtor, Athlete Flute, Piccolo, Alto Saxophone 2002
Den Binderup Retired Professor Flute 2019
Courtney Carroll Veterinary Technician Flute 2017
O'Ann Fredstrom Physician Flute 2011
Lesli Hobart Retired Flute 2019
Willow Larson Nonprofit Administrator Flute 2022
Nancy Ninnemann Occupational Therapist in Special Education Flute, Piccolo 1989
Noah Osnos Self Employed Flute, Alto Flute, Tenor Sax 2016
Julie Wilson Pampered Chef Consultant Flute, Piccolo 2003

Oboes – oboes@jhcband.org
Section Leader Liz King

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Julia Campbell Administrator Oboe, Flute 2022
Liz King Geologist Oboe 2009

Clarinets – clarinets@jhcband.org
Section Leader Sue Bybee

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Cecilia Bellinghiere Ornamental Horticulturist Bb Clarinet 1999
Sue Bybee Water Fitness Instructor Bb, Eb, & Bass Clarinet, Alto, Soprano, & Tenor Sax 1989
Hailee Davenport Chef Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Baritone 2022
Jackson Fouras Student Bb Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, Flute, Piccolo 2017
Mary Kizer Retired Librarian Clarinet 2017
Ann Makley Retired Teacher Clarinet, Guitar, Piano 2019
Elaine McCann Bio-Tech Clarinet 2018

Bassoons – bassoons@jhcband.org
Business Manager, Equipment Manager, Section Leader Caitlyn Falco

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Caitlyn Falco HR & Musician Bassoon, Trombone, Pedal Harp 2017

Saxophones – saxophones@jhcband.org
Section Leader Mary Bowker

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Mary Bowker Spanish Teacher Alto & Soprano Saxophone 2001
Laura Crutchfield Alto Saxophone 2022
Dave Raaum Retired Electrical Engineer Tenor Saxophone 1997
Andrew Salter Attorney Tenor Saxophone 2022
Betty Terrill Grandmother - Retired Real Estate Broker Tenor Saxophone 1989
Jason Wright Network Engineer Alto, Tenor, and Baritone Saxophone 2011

Trumpets – trumpets@jhcband.org
Section Leader Dean Scofield

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
John Anderson Retired Professor Trumpet 2009
Craig Carpenter Retired Computer Consultant Trumpet, Tuba 1989
Tim Day Retired Judge Trumpet 1990
Stephanie Ninnemann Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Trumpet 2000
Chris Philbin Preschool Teacher Trumpet 2017
Dean Scofield Retired Investment Advisor Trumpet 2003
Craig Sheppard Retired Band Director Trumpet 2015
Roy Walters Retired Engineer Trumpet 2011
Laura Wanek Teacher Percussion 2015
Becca Wiggs Architect Trumpet, Piano 2022

French Horns – fhorns@jhcband.org
Secretary Bonnie Chambers

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Liz Barczynski Physician French Horn 2019
Bonnie Chambers Architect French Horn 2012
Andy Long Retired Architect French Horn 2010
Jennifer Stauth Retired Teacher French Horn 1989
Isabel Waterbury Golf Course Maintenance French Horn 2022

Trombones – trombones@jhcband.org
Section Leader Liz Sunshine

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Elizabeth Chambers Student Trombone 2012
Liz Sunshine Biologist Trombone, Percussion 2004
Nick Warmuth Arts Administration Trombone 2022

Baritone Horns – euphoniums@jhcband.org
Conductor, Section Leader Don Cushman

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Don Cushman Retired Instructor Trombone, Euphonium, Trumpet, Conductor 1989
Cheryl DeLong Teacher Baritone, Trumpet 2022

Tubas – tubas@jhcband.org
Section Leader Tom Ninnemann

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Ron Maassen River Guide, Paperclip Technician Tuba, Trombone 1990
Tom Ninnemann Radio Journalist Tuba 1989

Percussion – percussion@jhcband.org
Conductor Zachary Singer

First NameLast NameProfessionInstrumentsMember Since
Bobbi Adams Retired Teacher Percussion
Matthew McQuilkin Carpenter Percussion 2016
Augustus Moeller Student Percussioin 2017
Zachary Singer Musician, Conductor, Teacher Percussion 2015

Keyboard, Piano – percussion@jhcband.org
Conductor Zachary Singer