A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

From the Top

In the mid 1980s we had a brass quintet that played for fun and for various community events. Most of us played in theater productions when they occurred, but they were usually short-lived — no more than a couple of months per show, and those Broadway shows were usually presented no more frequently than every 2 years. Some in the quintet envisioned a community band that would be a long-term ensemble, playing at community events throughout most of the year and providing a base for fun and musical growth for its members.

As part of the Wyoming Centennial celebration, the co-founders of the band were able to procure start-up funding that allowed the band to purchase music, acquire rehearsal space, and participate in Centennial activities. Since that time the band has grown in numbers and skill, and the Jackson Hole Community Band and spin-off groups continue to perform at nearly two dozen community activities and concerts per year.

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