A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Music Director

Music Director
Musician, Conductor, Teacher

General Description

Main functions: Prepare the band in weekly rehearsals and work with the board to plan and organize musical performances. Provide artistic direction to band including choice of repertoire.

Reports to: Board

Role and Responsibilities:

HAVE FUN – and ensure the musicians and audience have FUN too!

  • Start and end rehearsals on time.
  • Conduct the band for all rehearsals and concert events.
    • If unable to attend, find a replacement conductor.
    •   A list of back-up conductors to call will be suggested.
  • Maintain a personal calendar for rehearsals and performances
  • Prepare for known future concerts at least 3 months in advance.
  • Select music, order charts if necessary
    • Select music within guidelines set by the board, the concert’s purpose and the group’s mission.
    • Select music for musicians with a variety of playing abilities, ages, and personalities.
    • Utilize existing music in library before purchasing new material
    • Purchase and distribute music in coordination with the JHCB librarian.
      • Charts must arrive at least 1 week prior to distribution and given to librarian.
      • Librarian will stamp and entering chart information into database.
    • Distribution of music should be coordinated with Librarian.
  • Rehearse A Concerts at least 6 weeks prior to concerts.
  • B concert rehearsals can be done as appropriate for the event
  • Dress appropriately for the podium, varying with the venue and concert type.
  • Prepare music order and program notes in a timely manner.
  • Always consider that the organization is a non-profit group with limited resources when making decisions regarding concerts, music, etc.
  • Keep board informed of conflicts or decisions being made as they relate to or impact the band.
  • Attend board meetings when needed.



Cancelling rehearsal is only allowed with board approval

  • 7:00-9:00PM Thursdays
  • Season begins first Thursday after Grand Teton Music Festival summer concert series ends, (end of August)
  • No Rehearsal Thanksgiving
  • Two to three week break for the December Holidays
  • Resume first Thursday in January
  • Two week break to correspond with the Teton County Wyoming School District
  • Summer Break after last Concert in July

Formal Concerts – A Concerts

These concerts are scheduled yearly by the board and conductor.

  • Halloween Concert
    • End of October
  • Holiday Concert
    • Beginning of December
  • Spring Concert
    • Varies end of March to beginning of May
  • Jackson Lake Lodge Patriotic Concert
    • Typically the weekend before the 4th of July

Community Events – B Concerts

These events are scheduled by others

  • Old Bills
    • Second Saturday morning in September
  • Oktoberfest
    • Mid October
  • Lighting of the Town Square
    • Friday evening after Thanksgiving
  • Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies
    • Typically second Tuesday evening in February
  • Elkfest
    • Saturday morning week before Memorial Day
  • Old West Days Parade
    • Saturday morning of Memorial Day weekend
  • Independence Day Events
    • Parade – Morning
    • Additional performances vary

Instrument Petting Zoos

  • August Petting Zoo for GTMF
  • Farmer’s Market Petting Zoo (every 2nd-3rd year)

Other Events

The Jackson Hole Community Band is sometimes requested for community special events. Each is discussed by the board, if unable to conduct the board will find a conductor from the approved list. It may be necessary to share some rehearsal time in this event.