A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Community Calendar Instructions


Use our Newsletter’s “Community Calender” subscriber list for all these at once:

Newsletter Instructions

  • Jackson Hole Central Reservations (jacksonholewy.com)
  • Rich Broadcasting
  • KBYI, BYU-Idaho
  • KUWR, Wyoming Public Radio
    • You may also submit Public Service Announcements via fax (307 -766-6184), email (ckuzmych@uwyo.edu ).

Teton Info Community Events CalendarThe stopped working as of 10/23/17

  • http://www.tetoninfo.org/
  • User events@JHCBand.org
    PW hotcoffee6
  • Pop up log on does not work, need to open log on in new window or tab.
  • Powered by: http://www.alltrips.com/

Jackson Hole Chamber Of Commerce Community Calendar

The J-List closed as of 10/5/15

  • http://the-j-list.com/
  • User events@JHCBand.org
    PW hotcoffee6

Jackson Hole Underground – check for new calendar each time

Jackson Hole News&Guide/Jackson Hole Daily:

  • http://www.jhnewsandguide.com/
  • User events@jhcband.org
    PW hotcoffee6
  • Submissions need approval before posting

Planet Jackson Hole

  • planetjh.com/calendar/
  • User events@jhcband.org
    PW hotcoffee6
  • it is hosted by CitiSpark, when it askes what package you want to pay for scroll to bottom and click “not thant, free listing”
  • Please allow for up to 24 hours for our submission to be approved

KHOL, Jackson Public Radio

  • Need to fill their on line form

KIDK 3 – Local 8 news KIFI – KXPI Fox

  • No Log on needed, click add event and fill in form

Don’t forget to add our events the JHCB calendars:

  • Google (Public)
  • Facebook Event (Public)
  • Yahoo (Members Only)
  • Gig Press (Archive)


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