A volunteer organization playing concert band music for recreation and community service in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

College Credit Information

College Credit

College credit may be obtained by registering for the Jackson Hole Community Band through Central Wyoming College (CWC). This “course” is offered both fall and spring semesters each year. This is a great way for high school and college students to earn extra credits towards college. Also, college graduates may earn additional continuing education credits. For further information, contact the CWC Teton Campus at 307-733-7425. Normal office hours are 10am – 5pm.

Music Director

Historical Info:

When we initiated this arrangement with CWC many moons ago, Don was the conductor, and has at least a Master’s Degree We had up to 5 registrants one semester, when Jennifer Stauth, Al Young, and some others were getting re certification credits for their teaching licenses. When Don needed the credit (1995), he couldn’t be the student AND the instructor in the same class, so Al Young was the “instructor of record,” but Don was still the conductor and student, and that worked legally. Al issued Don’s grade.


The “instructor of record” must have at least a Master’s Degree.

When the official person is determined, he/she needs to sign appropriate paperwork in the CWC office. Susan Thulin is the go-to person now —

307-200-6150 (Cell), 307-733-7425 (Office).I think she’s relatively new in this position, because a few things slipped through the cracks this semester that probably won’t in the future. None of these created a crisis, but I expect things will be smoother the next time around. I should have gotten a class list after registration, but I didn’t — and I didn’t know until last week that Roger Dudley, clarinetist, was enrolled in band as a CWC class. Jenn told me last week that she signed some paper early in the semester, so that probably confirmed that he had actually shown up, and he had to submit that to the office.  Since it’s mostly an “attendance based” grade, it’s important for the instructor to know that there’s a student in the class. That’s all clear now, but it’s something to be alert for in the future. There must be at least 5 students for the instructor to get any compensation, so I had to sign a form that said I would not receive any remuneration for this service.

That’s fine. Hey! I’m there anyway, and all I have to do is to note that he’s there, and make sure he attends at least the minimum required for a good grade. Within a couple of days after our concert I must report Roger’s grade to Susan, which she’ll enter on the official college form. That’s it — no papers for me to grade or class assessment for me to submit, no faculty evaluation for him to fill out

— just show up weekly, play, learn some things about band music, have fun, and earn a grade and an hour’s general credit.

CWC advertises the band as a class in their listing that goes out a few weeks before the start of each semester. We don’t have to do anything unless we want to change our blurb, but it wouldn’t hurt our recruiting efforts if we acknowledged in our online info and maybe in some other “public” places (programs?) that one hour of general academic (elective) credit may be earned by those who sign up through CWC to be a student in the JHCB.


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