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Thank you to all who all who attended Old Bills, The Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, and everyone who has supported us in 2018 and through the years. We cannot thank you enough for your support!

If you have not already, there is still time donate, donations are accepted until 5 pm on Friday September 14th.  Your donation will be augmented by generous community philanthropists.

JHCB – 30 Years Strong!

2019 will mark our 30th season of community concerts and activities! At this major milestone, the JHCB continues to grow and improve in both musicianship and outreach. With your help, we hope our 30th season will be the best one yet! Comprised of musicians of all ages and backgrounds, drawn together through a shared love of music and a commitment to enhancing Jackson Hole’s artistic and cultural character, we hope you’ll consider supporting the financial health of the Band this year through Old Bill’s Fun Run.

Thanks to this support we have been able to continue our efforts to create fun and unique concerts for the community such as last season’s “A Wrinkle in 3/4 Time” spring concert musical time traveling adventure. Your donation through Old Bills Fun Run helps to buy new music, keeps our performance trailers rolling, pay rent in our rehearsal space in the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, and supply our equipment and instrument needs, among many other things.

We have many exciting events planned for this anniversary season, and we hope that you will be along for the ride with us!

Thank you from all of the Jackson Hole Community Band Members.

Meet the Band:

Zachary Singer
Beginning with a Single Step - Meet Zachary Singer - Every journey begins with a single step. The Jackson Hole Community Band will begin it’s 2018-19 season with the many racing steps of Old Bills Fun Run. Who could ask for a better way to start? ... Continue Reading
Tom Ninnemann
Music: It’s in the Genes! - Meet the Ninnemanns -   When the Jackson Hole Community Band was formed for the Wyoming Centennial (re-established we said since Jackson had a small band in 1914), both Nancy and Tom were involved in its organization and rehearsals – ... Continue Reading
Elizabeth Chambers
Music: A Lifetime Journey - Meet Elizabeth Chambers   I joined the Community Band in 2012, when I was in eighth grade. Most of what I remember about those first rehearsals, sitting between tubist Ron and euphonium Don and getting their names mixed up, was ... Continue Reading
Holly Balogh
Music: A Family of Friends - Meet Holly Balogh -   Our children are so busy.  I know. I am the mother of 2 busy kids.  In our community, in Jackson, WY, they seem to have so many great opportunities; karate, swimming, running, biking, skiing, hockey, ... Continue Reading
Don Cushman
Music: Since the Beginning - Meet Don Cushman - In the mid '80s we formed a brass quintet in Jackson and played for various community events. Some of us said, "It sure would be nice to have a band." So, we started the Jackson Hole ... Continue Reading
Sue Bybee
Music: What could be better!! - Meet Sue Bybee - This Blog is in memory of my good friend and fellow clarinetist, Chuck Webber, who passed on to play with the angels earlier this year. We miss you Chuck. When I moved to Jackson Hole in ... Continue Reading
Julie Wilson
Music: Good for the Soul - Meet Julie Wilson - I played the flute from 5th grade until I graduated from High School, then played in the Bishop California Community Band a couple times right out of high school. I moved to Jackson for a summer ... Continue Reading

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2018 – 2019 Season

  • Old Bills Fun Run
  • Oktoberfest
  • Halloween Concert
  • Tuba Christmas
  • Holiday Concert
  • Wyoming Special Olympics – 50 Years!
  • Spring Concert
  • Old West Days Parade
  • Independence Day Parade & Lions Club Breakfast Concert
  • Jackson Lake Lodge Patriotic Concert

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