Remember us at Old Bills

This 50-piece ensemble, founded in 1989, rehearses nearly year-around to provide free entertainment—from old favorites by Duke Ellington, to toe tapping marches by Sousa, to classics by Bach. In 2010 JHCB implemented two annual concerts for kids and our Halloween performance had over 350 people in attendance, including over 200 school children. Members, all volunteers, range in age from the teens to the 80s and hail from backgrounds as diverse as engineering, software, medicine, law, real estate, and the clergy.

Won’t you jump on the bandwagon? Your support of the Jackson Hole Community Band helps to buy new music, keeps our performance trailers rolling, pay rent in our rehearsal space in the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts, and supply our equipment and instrument needs, among many other things.

Please consider a contribution to the Jackson Hole Community Band through Old Bill’s Fun Run 2012, where your donation will be augmented by generous community philanthropists.

Just list the JHCB on your donor form.

The Jackson Hole Community Band

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