Music: It’s in the Genes!

Meet the Ninnemanns –

Flute, Piccolo
Occupational Therapist in Special Education
Section Leader
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Section Leader
Retired Radio Newsman


When the Jackson Hole Community Band was formed for the Wyoming Centennial (re-established we said since Jackson had a small band in 1914), both Nancy and Tom were involved in its organization and rehearsals – Nancy on flute and Tom on tuba. Daughter Stephanie was 2 years old at the time. The band rehearsed in a variety of venues, and Stephanie would occupy herself in back of the band with what toys she brought along. 30 years later, she is still near the back of the band playing trumpet. Currently a member of a five veterinary doctor team in Aspen Colorado, Stephanie takes the band music to Colorado with her and practices along with recordings. In this way, she can still drive back to Jackson to participate with her parents in the band’s performances.

Lighting of the Town Square – Tom on Tuba, Stephanie on Trumpet (white jacket), Nancy on flute.

Nancy and Tom’s son Peter attended rehearsals in much the same way a few years after his sister. He became a familiar sight on the back of the band trailer near the percussionists so that he could jump off and chase down sheets of music that blew off the stands. By middle school, he studied percussion, became part of the school bands, and he often played with the Jackson Hole Community band until college. At those times, it was all four of the Ninnemann family playing in performances.
The Jackson Hole Community band was created to be an organization that encouraged musicians to continue to play as adults, and young musicians to build their skills. Indeed, the membership continues to be made up of members aged 14 to 82 and in vocations ranging from students to teachers, attorneys, journalists, veterinarians… and entire families.

Keep the music alive!

Please remember us at Old Bills 2018.

In 2018, you can give  beginning August 1st until 5 pm on September 14th. We hope you can join us Saturday, September 8th, for Old Bill’s at the Jackson Town Square!

What is Old Bills?

We cannot thank you enough for your support!

Thank you from all of the Jackson Hole Community Band Members.

2018 – 2019 Season

  • Old Bills Fun Run
  • Oktoberfest
  • Halloween Concert
  • Holiday Concert
  • Wyoming Special Olympics – 50 Years!
  • Spring Concert
  • Old West Days Parade
  • Independence Day Parade & Lions Club Breakfast Concert
  • Jackson Lake Lodge Patriotic Concert

Upcoming Events

Spring Concert  

Conductor: Zachary Singer
Date: Sunday, April 28th 2024
Time: 4:00pm Center for the Arts Center Theater
Spring Concert in Jackson, WY
(307) 734-8956


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